Did not receive Purchase Email

You should have received a purchase receipt with details explaining how to install and add the license key. Can you check your spam email box and see if the email is there?

If you don't find it you can always download the plugin from your My Account page on our website. You can also get the license key there as well. FYI The license key is so you can update the plugin through your WordPres, you will still be able to use all the premium features if the license is not active. Hope that helps and thanks for using our plugins!

Below are the instructions for getting setup.

To get started please download your plugin(s) from the My Account page. Make sure you leave the Free version of our plugin active when adding the paid plugins, this is required for everything to work properly.

Please also add the License Key on the My Account page to our Plugin's License menu in your Wordpress admin. You'll need to add this so you can receive update notifications.