Fatal Error on Upgrade

We truly apologize for the inconvenience on our recent 4.0 update.

Our plugin will only work on php 7-8 now. Please upgrade to at least php 7.0 and no more than 8.0.22 for our plugin to work correctly. Being on php 7.0 at the very least will give you much more security for your website and WordPress willI run much faster too. 8.0 is even faster and is recommended.

If you need to get your feed working again please go here, it's mostly filled with photos to help make the process quick and easy.

You will need to manually update any paid extensions. If you have a paid extension that needs to be updated, go to the Downloads tab of the My Account page on our website. After you have download the plugin go to your WordPress install and upload the plugin from the Plugins > Add New menu option. From here drag the new zip to the upload area and click Install Now. You can overwrite the previous version if the prompt asks this of you.